Racheal Joseph is actress turned writer. Born in the late 1950’s her experiences as a child growing up in both London and Antigua influenced her first book, “Little Brown Girl,” a collection a poetry published in 2016.  Also her soon to be published “Tales From A West Indian Childhood.” A look back at her own history.

Racheal’s love of poetry began in her late teens when she discovered Maya Angelou. “Poetry at school had been made so dull and complicated,” says Racheal, but  Angelou’s work was  accessible, a joy to read and to hear performed.

Racheal hopes her work also speaks to people in a way they can identify with.


Greenwich book festival - 2019

Why the Dum tree no longer singsRacheal Joseph
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Why the Dum tree no longer sings - Written and Read by Racheal Joseph
Awarded Elmbridge Literary Competition 2021 - Highly commended